Digital Exchange

We designed this corporate proposal document for digital communications company, Digital Exchange to promote and inform customers of their services.


We designed this four page corporate proposal document for pre-employment assessment company Suremploy.

Cryptocurrency Transaction Machines (CTM)

We created all design and marketing components for fintech startup Cryptocurrency Transaction Machines (CTM). CTM provided access to cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) through a cryptocurrency transaction machines that allowed end consumers to purchase cryptocurrency with cash. Assets designed included machine decals, digital information screens for machines, signage, website, business cards, t-shirt and maps.

Opera in the Vineyards

We designed Email Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns and a supporting Facebook post image to advertise the annual celebration of food, wine and opera, ‘Opera in the Vineyards‘. The designs were created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and scheduled and managed in Mailchimp.


This work was completed as a freelance designer for Explanimate. My role in this project was motion design and involved animating the provided artwork. All artwork was created by another designer.

Bradley McCaw

In his own words, Brad is a “Singer/songwriter creating rock n roll music like you used to know with session legends like Louie Shelton & Nathan East.” and “In short… I create music that makes us all want to dance with our loved ones in the kitchen.” We’ve loved working with Brad to express his […]


Logos are one of our favourite things to design and probably our greatest strength. We love the art of synthesising all the intricate and unique elements that make up our diverse identities and expressing that through a simple yet expressive symbol or logo.


“This is a dedication to my forefathers.” Nansimbami is a Lingala word that loosely translates to “being held together.” The song expresses desire for belonging as such; ancestry of the singer is accentuated. The lyrics of the song express notions and ideas of protection; love and acceptance through out its verses. There is also the […]

Newtown Mission

Newtown Mission approached us to revitalise their website and to help engage its existing and new users. We started by redesigning their existing branding and they organised the information about their thriving community into more clear structure. Industry: Religious / Not-for-profit “We are a community of Christians in the inner-west of Sydney, passionate about following Jesus, […]

Court & Co

Courtney didn’t hesitate to call us when she knew she needed a new website for her exciting new business, Court & Co. Her dream was to create a bookkeeping company that helped small businesses with their bookkeeping and pricing problems. She wanted her brand to be bright, fun, positive and upbeat yet still professional and […]