Small Business Struggles 04 • Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation

One of the main things I did, to overcome the loneliness and isolation, was to go and find a co-working space. I needed to get out of the house. There was an upfront cost but I thought it was worth it and I could afford it at the time. It was great! I met like-minded […]

Small Business Video Brisbane

If you head to google and search Small Business Video Brisbane, you’ll see that there are many design and video production studios offering this service, with various specialities and styles.  So how are you supposed to select the right team to create your small business video in Brisbane? We believe that creating a video for […]

Motion Graphics Brisbane

If you’re looking for a designer who specialises in motion graphics in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place.  There are a limited number of designers in our city who have the training and experience to produce this style of bold, image-based animated video, but we aren’t shy in saying it’s our area of expertise! […]

Freelance Designer Brisbane

The life of a freelance designer in Brisbane isn’t all about brand launch parties, design briefings in chic cafes and creative brainstorming.  While we at Kiki Agency love our work, there are a few aspects of being a freelance designer in Brisbane which are…. less than ideal. After several years in the design business, we’ve […]

What is Motion Design?

Motion design is one of our favourite techniques for creating standout video content, and an exciting, contemporary style to employ in creating your brand’s visual identity. The term motion design is in fact, short for motion graphic design, and graphic designers such as the team at Kiki Agency specialise in creating this animated, image-based style […]

Small Business Struggles 01 • Talking on Camera

kiki agency vector man sitting on beanbag in front of large screen with videos

One of my main struggles in business is in fact, talking on camera. However I feel like I’m needing to more and more, because of the social media I do for my business, so I’m practising it as a skill. They say that the future is in video, and what we’ve seen in the media […]

Small Business Struggles • Freelancing & Running a Business

One of the big struggles I’ve found with freelancing and running my own business, is the loneliness and isolation. When I first started, I didn’t really know anyone in my area of work or any other business owners doing the same thing. I got quite depressed without realising it. Then I realised that I really […]

Small Business Struggles • Struggles in Business

You may have seen lately that I’ve been working on some really cool things online on the design side of my business. Though something you may not realise about me, and I really struggle to talk about online, are the battles I’ve found with running a business. There are a lot of issues which most of […]