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If you head to google and search Small Business Video Brisbane, you’ll see that there are many design and video production studios offering this service, with various specialities and styles.  So how are you supposed to select the right team to create your small business video in Brisbane?

We believe that creating a video for any small business – whether it’s to explain services on a website homepage, to share on social media, to display at an expo or conference, or to email to a database of interested subscribers – begins with achieving synergy between the production team and the business.

In our experience, the main things to look out for when choosing someone to produce your small business video in Brisbane are;

1. How thorough is the briefing – and reverse briefing – process?  The brief as we all know is what you give to the video producer or designer.  But the reverse brief? That’s what they come back to you with in order to clarify and ensure all details of the brief are accurate, according to their understanding of your objectives.  The brief is the foundation of creating your small business video, so ensuring you’re 100% on the same page at this stage is critical. If your video producer is offhand or casual about the brief, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere?

2. How ‘local’ does your video content need to be?  Does it need to showcase the flavour of your particular area to serve your purpose?  If so, you may want to look at shooting your small business video in Brisbane to capture the local vibe – and in that case, you’ll need to ensure your video producer is indeed located nearby, and not in another state or even country!  Even if you don’t wish to feature your geographical area, but need to have a script written (or captions added) for your video in Australian English, you will need to ensure someone who speaks English as a first language is employed! We have a client who previously attempted to use a video editor (who was offering services cheaply through an online freelancer website) to caption her video and he was completely unable to understand the Australian accent, and captioned the clips hilariously wrong!

3. Are they skilled and do they have experience in the particular style you’re interested in?  If you’re keen to use motion design, animation, a direct-to-camera address, action footage or stock scenes in your video, can the video producer show you examples of work they’ve previously completed using these elements?  It can save you a lot of time and stress to select someone who is already accomplished and can create the small business video of your dreams!

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