What is Motion Design?

Motion design is one of our favourite techniques for creating standout video content, and an exciting, contemporary style to employ in creating your brand’s visual identity.

The term motion design is in fact, short for motion graphic design, and graphic designers such as the team at Kiki Agency specialise in creating this animated, image-based style of film.

Elements of motion design can be utilised as part of a film which uses other components such as live filming – indeed motion design is often used to create an eye-catching introduction to a segment, or a cool credits roll at the closing of a film.

Basically, it’s dealing with graphics that are moving in space and time, and designing how these different graphics integrate with each other, and with other elements of the film to create an overall effect.  Interestingly, the first motion designers are considered to be the artists who created the opening titles for movies!

We’ve employed motion design to create short films for several of our clients, including (insert clients and links to their videos here).  In each case, the brief has been to create something visually bold and modern, which is where motion design is particularly strong, but aside from that, the way in which we’ve used the motion design elements differed.

From a gorgeous, seasonal introductory segment, to a complete motion design music video, the way we’ve used motion design, and the extent to which it influences the content we’re creating varies.  In each project though, the motion design elements create effective visual value to satisfy our client’s diverse objectives.

If you’re interested in speaking to us about creating a motion design film for your website, YouTube channel, social media – a motion design Facebook cover can be especially effective and unique! – then get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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