“This is a dedication to my forefathers.”

Nansimbami is a Lingala word that loosely translates to “being held together.” The song expresses desire for belonging as such; ancestry of the singer is accentuated. The lyrics of the song express notions and ideas of protection; love and acceptance through out its verses. There is also the idea of hope that comes from knowing ones roots; hence the sense of direction in life and beyond.

“Chrystalline A.D, or otherwise known as Div or Divine is an an Australian singer, rapper, songwriter and co-producer to all his music. Div’s music is a reflection of his roots, as an African.

Divine uses similes, metaphors, proverbs and other befitting elements as tools in his musical art. Experience of his childhood enables him to create his own line of genre that fuses African style of music with that of the West. Hip/Hop style of music is predominantly how the artist hopes to be acknowledged; although he can be identified with other forms of singing too.

Divine has started singing as early a child and over the years has self taught himself to play the piano and read music. ‘Music is all there is to life. Without music the world stands still.’”

Industry: Music

“Kiki Agency is a one top quality producing company for all those looking to create innovative and inspiring creative works. Kiki Agency allowed me the opportunity to have my very first graphics design lyric video for one of the songs that was personal and meaningful to me. I am an upcoming artist so having that person centred care that the Agency was able to give me really reflected passion and value for money. Members of Kiki Agency are friendly and approachable, I would recommend their work to almost anybody that I knew needed creative and fun artwork. Go guys 😊!!!”
Chrystalline A.D, Musician