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The life of a freelance designer in Brisbane isn’t all about brand launch parties, design briefings in chic cafes and creative brainstorming.  While we at Kiki Agency love our work, there are a few aspects of being a freelance designer in Brisbane which are…. less than ideal.

After several years in the design business, we’ve learned how to avoid these pitfalls and make the most of the downtime which inevitably comes from being a freelancer, so we thought we’d shine a little light on these.  It’s all in the interests of helping this freelance community we’re part of to work more effectively, collaborate better and reduce the stress and uncertainty which can be inherent in freelance work!

Top Tips For Any New Freelance Designer in Brisbane

1. Be absolutely clear about the brief, what you’re delivering (including the number of drafts and revisions you’re prepared to supply) and how soon you can deliver the project, right from the start.

2. Network!  Look for other peeps in the freelance designer Brisbane community to collaborate with, who have different but complimentary skillsets to you, and connect with them.  Facebook groups can be great for this – we like (insert link to some of your favourites here), but also constantly keeping your ears open to find out which of your ‘friends of friends’ (we’re thinking that guy in your cousins indoor soccer team?) are also a freelance designer in Brisbane, and reach out to them!  If you’re strong at one kind of design, but just learning in another way, you may be able to pass work on to each other, refer clients, and even engage in peer-to-peer casual learning to upskill each other.

3. Look further afield.  Just because you’re a freelance designer in Brisbane, doesn’t mean you can’t work for people all over Australia.  It’s harder to work for clients abroad, as our relatively higher hourly rates mean you’ll often lose out in a competitive pitch situation, but certainly interstate clients who have on face-to-face requirements will.  We love Rachel’s List (insert link here) for finding casual, temporary and contract design roles across Australia which are happy to do everything online and over the phone.

We hope you found these tips handy, and if you ARE a freelance designer in Brisbane and would love to connect with us, please reach out via email at!

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