This work was completed as a freelance designer for Explanimate. My role in this project was motion design and involved animating the provided artwork. All artwork was created by another designer.


“This is a dedication to my forefathers.” Nansimbami is a Lingala word that loosely translates to “being held together.” The song expresses desire for belonging as such; ancestry of the singer is accentuated. The lyrics of the song express notions and ideas of protection; love and acceptance through out its verses. There is also the […]

Erin Scott’s Vlogmas

“Erin Scott is a beauty influencer and has a passion for all things beauty.  An established beauty therapist with a vivacious personality, Erin shares her professional experience with her audience through easy-to-follow make-up tutorials and product reviews using both affordable and high-end make-up.” Industry: Beauty

Funky Limousine

One of our most memorable projects has been to cruise around the inner west of Sydney with Diamond Moose shooting footage for their super groovy tune ‘Funky Limousine’. We loved shooting and editing this roving piece and had a blast designing the motion graphics for the gnarly chorus and lyrics. Industry: Music “Love child of James […]

Watch & Pray

“I first sang these words spontaneously in the middle of an all night prayer meeting on Maundy Thursday, echoing the words of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Since then this meditative prayer-song has become a call to worship in our community as we come to gather. An invitation from Jesus to come and pray. […]

Small Business Video Brisbane

If you head to google and search Small Business Video Brisbane, you’ll see that there are many design and video production studios offering this service, with various specialities and styles.  So how are you supposed to select the right team to create your small business video in Brisbane? We believe that creating a video for […]

Motion Graphics Brisbane

If you’re looking for a designer who specialises in motion graphics in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place.  There are a limited number of designers in our city who have the training and experience to produce this style of bold, image-based animated video, but we aren’t shy in saying it’s our area of expertise! […]

What is Motion Design?

Motion design is one of our favourite techniques for creating standout video content, and an exciting, contemporary style to employ in creating your brand’s visual identity. The term motion design is in fact, short for motion graphic design, and graphic designers such as the team at Kiki Agency specialise in creating this animated, image-based style […]