About Us

Great relationships are built on transparency and shared values. Work relationships are no different. We’d love to get to know each other and see if we’re a great fit.

Our Team

Kiki Tse

Director & Designer

Kiki has worked in the design industry in a diverse range of fields for over 6 years. She first started in the print industry in Brisbane, learning printing best practices in publishing houses and commercial printers. She then began honing her web design skills at advertising agencies and I.T. companies.

Kiki now lives in Sydney and runs her own creative agency specialising in Graphic Design, Web Design and Motion Design. She is passionate about assisting and educating businesses in the Inner West to thrive in the current economic climate.

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Business (Advertising) Honours 
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)

Kiki has worked at companies including:

  • Cryptocurrency Transaction Machines
  • Dealer Trade
  • PEP Central
  • Vink Publishing



Kiki grew up in the south western suburbs of Brisbane and has worked a 


Kiki moved to Sydney when.